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the Future
of Higher

How will it include all people, regardless of its background? How will it cater to the different ways in which each individual learns? What will be the role of educators? How will it integrate the technological advances in the field (such as 3D printers, virtual reality, augmented reality, biometrics, gamification, personalized learning algorithms, neuroscience)? How will the growing demand for education be met? How will students and teachers interact? How will they access the classroom resources? How will students be evaluated? Will there be any changes in higher education certificates? How will the curriculum change?

If you are creative, a pioneering and a visionary, and you have dreamed of a better and improve education, we need you. Tell us how you envision the higher education in 2049. Share your vision through science fiction. We will reward the best short film, graphic novel or short story that inspires a generation to transform higher education, an education that promotes the comprehensive development of all human beings.

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If we put
our mind to it, higher education in the future will be radically different. If you are creative, a visionary, and you have dreamed of a better and improved education,
we need you.

How it works
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All of our challenges are crafted based on ideas obtained through open innovation. A group of experts works diligently to create the challenge guidelines, which include clear metrics and requirements to be meet in order to assure the winning solution is innovative, actionable, scalable, feasible and effective.

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We are looking for people interested in bringing about positive and innovative change, those who don’t fear mistakes, who see failures as a learning opportunity, who like challenges and hard work. We are looking for people like you who do not believe in the impossible, but understand the complexity of solving a problem.

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We want these people to propose actionable solutions to the challenges we are launching and we are prepared to give them the necessary support to make a substantial impact with their initiatives.


First, all proposed solutions are evaluated by the TECPRIZE team. Once reviewed, the proposals are evaluated by experts and industry leaders, who select the finalists and winners of our challenges
Every challenge has a different evaluation criteria and the judges are selected and announced based on the particularities of the challenge.


The finalists and winners of our challenges receive mentoring and training from our experts in order to validate, fund and scale their solutions. In addition, each challenge has a prize awarded by one of our partners, to help the winner continue its work once the competition ends.