I would like to reinvent the men’s wardrobe.

The ambiguity of gender, social roles, and the comfort of accepting one’s individuality have brought the flexibility in the image of men that allows more freedom and creativity. e society has slightly replaced the old standards on men, which permits more richness on menswear, it eagers me to create.

I have always been in uenced by the classics since the aesthetics are timeless and essential and also practical in terms of the use. It also brings back the memory and traditions of the past that reinforces the idea that, without the history we would not be as we are now. With this objective, I part of a young generation, want to rede ne and conform the new classics in menswear.

The new attitudes in men are found in the thin line between menswear and womenswear. We can explore the new masculine territory as soft and delicate. Imagining the skin I would like to cover by exploring the limit though fragility may let the classics evolve though the eyes of new generations.



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